In Memory of Greg Smith and Goldman Sachs

In case you missed this story, please visit the link to The New York Times article: Greg Smith is leaving the investment bank after many years, revealing what the investment bankers do with their clients: nicely or not so … …. read more

Biases Part II: What Corporations Can Learn From Behavioural Finance

On Dec 19, 2011, I wrote about this topic. Here is a follow up on this matter. Our goal is to look into the toolbox of Behavioural Finance, understand the biases they talk about, carry the toolbox from its place … …. read more

What corporations can learn from behavioural finance

Behavioural finance, as a complement to traditional finance has long been trying to understand how people make decisions. This with the goal to eventually help investors improve their economic results, speak make their portfolios more efficient in the sense of … …. read more

Making investments – what to look out for!

When investing in shares of publicly traded companies, investors (specifically private ones) can do at least the following: make a bet, ask for a hot tip of a friend, ask a financial adviser, pull a well-remembered company name out of … …. read more