CFA Level 3 Season starts again

The New Year has just started and that rings a bell for a number of students of a finer art, namely financial analysis. Every year, some of them set out on a journey to master the final level of the CFA curriculum [1], Level 3. Comes end of May, the students’ studies will have much progressed and the exam takers will be in top form to tackle the final 6-hour treatment of the finest. Shortly before that, it will be urgent time to look through the secret sauce of tricks and hints to pass all remaining hurdles. Some of those tricks have been published now to avoid a late-minute rush….

… well, the tricks, tips, and hints are not exactly referring to the CFA Curriculum as such, but they might be quite useful for CFA Level 3 students, as it’s all about financial analysis… and the unexpected that may show up at such an exam. Very mysterious. This secret sauce is downloadable here.

For anybody interested in the programs and services offered by the CFA Institute, please see [1].

[1] CFA Institute: