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Message from 2023 Apr 02

The theme of this site has been updated recently. Thus, a new look and feel.

Message from 2012 Jan 02

The Terms of Use, section 4 about submitting comments, have been updated. The update concerns rules governing the identification of users who submit comments to this website, spam filitering and comment blacklisting.
See Terms of Use

Message from 2012 Jan 01

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting this website. We express our appreciation for your comments posted in reply to original posts and articles.

For quality reasons all comments go through our approval process. We regret not being able to respond to all individual emails received (whether they include questions or suggestions or other content), nor can we approve and post all comments received. As it sometimes turns out to be difficult to distinguish between spam and well-meant comments, you may neither receive any response nor may your comments be posted on this website. The comment time window for articles will be extended or shortened in response to the amount of spam detected by this website.

Thank you for your understanding.

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