Terms of Use

Yucianga.info website

Terms of Use Version 1.0, 10 Sept 2011 – 2023

1/ Definitions

Terms: “Terms” herein refers to the “Terms of Use”.

Y.I Content: This refers to the content provided to you on the yucianga.info website.

Y.I Service: This refers to the service provided to you by means of the yucianga.info website by the Provider and any third party authors. It includes the service as provided through the WordPress software, the commenting feature, other blog features provided by the WordPress software
and the blog management process.

Provider: This refers to the company operating the website yucianga.info and any persons acting in the roles of administrators and moderators for Y.I Service.

Website: This refers to the website under domain name yucianga.info.

Contribution: This refers to a user’s contribution to Y.I Service in form of comments to articles and posts published on the Website. Contributions are limited to text and URLs (hyperlinks).

2/ Purpose of the Terms

The “Terms of Use”, in short denoted Terms, tell you how you may use the Website.

When deemed necessary and from time to time, the Provider may update the Terms, thus we recommend you review them on a regular basis. You agree to be legally bound by the version of the Terms which is in force at the time when you access the Website and when you use the content of it.

3/ Provider of the service

Y.I Service is made available by Yucianga Ltd, Registration number 07685013, Registered in England and Wales, United Kingdom, Registered Office: 145-157 St. John Street, London, EC1V 4PW in cooperation with third-party authors.

4/ Submitting comments, raising questions or complaints

Y.I Service will allow you during periods solely determined by the Provider to submit comments to articles posted on the Website. The Provider may close the Website to receiving comments at any time without prior notice.

UPDATE 2012 Jan 01: Due to spam received the window for comments on posts has been reduced to maximum 2 days.

UPDATE 2012 Jan 02:

Rules governing the identification of users who submit comments to this website

Comments can be provided via the “Leave a Reply” text fields. In the event that submitters fill in data into the mandatory or optional fields of the “Leave a Reply” section, submitters of comments must enter

  • In the field “Name”: a proper person’s name (e.g. first name, surname) or an identity (shortform, avatar name etc.) they use on other websites, social networks or news forums.

    • A computer-generated name,
    • A name the submitter has no rights to or has no proof of ownership,
    • A name of a website,
    • A character string that is element of the submitted URL or any other valid Internet URL unless the submitted URL points to the website of an individual (a personal website). For example permitted are: Joe Bloggs, if the submitted URL has a form similar to Joe.Bloggs@webhost.com or Joe@bloggs.com.
  • In the field “Email”: a valid email address.

    • Invalid or non-existing email addresses or email addresses which the submitter does not own or have rights to use.
  • In the field “Website”: if this optional information is provided a proper URL to a website, where the URL
    • points to the submitter’s private or individual website’s home page  OR
    • points to the submitter’s own business website’s home page OR
    • points to the website of the submitter’s employer’s home page OR
    • points to a valid profile or valid newsboard of one of the submitter’s social networks. Any such URL must be verifiable by any person without subscription to any associated social network.

Spam filtering: This website uses a comment blacklist. Any comments that have been submitted and violate any of above rules governing the identification of submitters of comments are subject to rejection and blacklisting at the discretion of the Provider. The Provider may accept a comment but remove the submitted Website URL if it violates any of above rules.

UPDATE 2012 Jan 02 – End

If you have any questions about the Terms, please contact the Provider under the contact email address provided on the website.

In case you notice content on the Website which you believe should not be appearing there, please contact the Provider via the contact details on the Website immediately.

5/ Additional Terms

Apart from these Terms, Additional Terms may be relevant for you and in operation.

As of today the following Additional Terms are in operation:


6/ Content on the Website

In this document, “Y.I Content” refers to text, images, audio, video or other content that is made available on the Website. Y.I Content is made available on the Website by the Provider and particularly by any of its third-party authors at their sole discretion. You acknowledge that the Provider has absolute editorial control over Y.I Content on the Website.

7/ Parental Guidance

The Website and the Y.I Content are generally not recommended for use by young audiences and children due to the advanced nature of Y.I Content (economy, business, finance, technology). You are solely responsible for deciding whether or not Y.I Content is appropriate for any child you permit to access the Website. If you have concerns about the suitability of Y.I Content you should take measures to avoid the child to access the Website.

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8/ Using the Yucianga.info Service

Permitted uses

You may access the Website to read, listen to or to watch information if you comply with these Terms, with any applicable Additional Terms in force and with relevant laws and regulation.

Not permitted uses

  1. You must not infringe any applicable law including copyright law.
  2. You are not permitted to infringe or try to infringe the privacy or other rights of
    other users of the Website.
  3. You must not directly or indirectly claim or suggest any endorsement or approval by
    Yucianga Ltd of content on the Website as produced by authors of such content (including third party authors of articles, submitters of posts and comments to posts).
  4. You are not permitted to commercially exploit Y.I Content or to attempt to re-sell
    the Y.I Content in any way.
  5. You are not permitted to disturb, disrupt or try to disturb or disrupt the Y.I
    Service or the operations of the Website. You agree not to introduce or distribute software viruses or other harmful or malicious programs in relation to the Website, and not to engage in activity that would impede access to the Website by other parties.
  6. You are not allowed to subject the Y.I Service to any derogatory treatment or bring
    the Website and its service or its Provider in disrepute, or cause the Provider to incur liability to any third party.
  7. You must not yourself or help somebody else to copy, reproduce, change, adapt,
    modify, distribute, create derivative works from, commercially exploit, transmit or otherwise use in any way Y.I Service and Y.I Content in whole or in part except to the extent permitted in these Terms, in any relevant Additional Terms currently in force and permitted by law. You agree to use Y.I Service and access, view, listen or watch Y.I Content as supplied to you by the Website.
  8. You are not permitted to show or display any Y.I Content (e.g. articles, posts) where it is in connection with content, products or services that:
  • bring the Website, its Provider or its thid party authors into disrepute;
  • include offensive items in form of text, images, audio or video or include sexually explicit content or pornography;
  • encourage, facilitate or endorse any illegal activity or contain illegal content;
  • incite hatred in any form (e.g. related to nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, race), relate to anti-social behaviour, encourage terrorism, riots or similar actions or are defamatory or misleading;
  • discriminate against any person or groups of persons;
  • infringe privacy rights;
  • include or promote violence.

9/ Users contributing to the Website

Y.I Service may enable users to comment on articles and posts provided by the authors of Y.I Content. These Terms and any Additional Terms mentioned herein define the rules how you can contribute to the Website and how the Administrators of the Website may use your Contribution.

In the process of submitting a Contribution (comments on posts), the Provider will ask you to provide specific information as is usual practice with WordPress. The Provider will keep such information
secure, stored on the web servers of the web hosting company and may delete such information at any time. Personal information will include only name and email address and will not be disclosed to third parties.

You must allow the Administrators and Moderators of Y.I Service to deal with your comments in any way they may reasonably deem appropriate. Any Contribution you submit may be moderated by the Administrators and Moderators of Y.I Service. This implies that your Contribution may be reviewed, edited, rejected from publication or removed post initial publication. The Administrators and Moderators of Y.I Service reserve the right to remove any of your contributions if they believe that they do not comply with the Terms or damage the reputation or business of Y.I Service, of its third party authors or of the Provider. When submitting a Contribution to Y.I Service you grant the Administrators and Moderators of Y.I Service the right to modify, change or edit the contribution
(i.e. comment to articles and posts) for operational and editorial reasons of Y.I Service and the Provider. Any copyright in your contribution shall remain with you.

When submitting a Contribution to the Website, you confirm that your Contribution complies with the rules under Section16.

Y.I Service Administrators or Moderators may want to contact you for administrative or content-related purposes and will aim to do so if necessary via email.

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10/ Usage of the service

When accessing the Website from a specific device including mobile devices, phones, laptops, PCs, tablet PCs and others, the Provider does not guarantee that all features of Y.I Service will properly work or be correctly displayed. The Provider is not responsible if your device or software is not compatible with Y.I Service or Y.I Content.

11/ URLs and hyperlinks

The Website and Y.I Content may contain URLs (hyperlinks) to resources owned, maintained and operated by third parties. The Provider is not responsible for the terms of use of such third parties.

The Provider does not accept any responsibility or liability for any third party websites and resources. Any access via the Website to such third party websites or resources shall be at your own risk.
Upon following such URLs, hyperlinks you must familiarise yourself with any such third party terms of use to ensure you don’t infringe them.

12/ Rights in the Y.I Service and content

The Provider reserves all its rights in Y.I Content and the Y.I Service.  Copyrights, trademarks and design rights shown by Y.I Service or included in Y.I Content belong to the Provider and/or third parties. The Terms don’t grant any user a right or licence to use any copyright, trademark or design right owned or controlled by the Provider or any other third party except if expressly stated in the Terms of Use or by the relevant third party.

13/ The Provider’s legal obligations and limits to the Provider’s liability

Any of the Y.I Content does not constitute advice (whether financial or otherwise) and shall not be interpreted as advice.

The Provider can discontinue Y.I Service at any time without prior notice.

The Provider does NOT issue any guarantee that

  • all Y.I Content as made available via Y.I Service and the Website will always be available, up to date or secure;
  • Y.I Content is free from errors, mistakes, omissions, wrongly quoted facts, wrong quotes;
  • Y.I Service or the Website is free from bugs, viruses or malicious software.
  • The Provider is NOT responsible for any loss or damage which may arise from accessing and using the Website, Y.I Service and Y.I Content in any form: This includes
  • loss or damage which is ascertained to be caused by the Provider but which the Provider and the user of the Website could not anticipate or expect to materialise at the time when the user started using Y.I Service;
  • any loss of data or damage to the user’s equipment, devices or software;
  • any loss of salary, wages, income, capital gains, revenue, profit, opportunity, brand or reputation for the user or anyone else;
  • any loss or damage if Y.I Service is not provided to the user or if Y.I Service is disrupted for whatever reason;
  • any personal harm, injury, damage or loss the user or someone else may incur or
    suffer for whatever reason due to accessing and/or using the Website, Y.I Service or Y.I Content, due to deriving conclusions from those, acting upon information from those or due to recommending content and information from those to any other party;
  • any financial loss the user or someone else may incur due to deliberately or mistakenly taking information or data on the Website as financial advice or recommendation;
  • loss or damage suffered by the user or anyone else when the Provider complies with the Terms of Use;

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14/ Right to stop the service

The Provider reserves the right to stop making any part of the Y.I Service available to the user without prior notice and with immediate effect. Reasons may include e.g. a breach of the Terms of Use or commercial and business reasons solely relevant to the Provider.

If the Provider stops making Y.I Service available to the user, the user may be asked to stop engaging with the Website and to stop commenting on any articles and posts there immediately.

15/ User’s obligations under the Terms of Use

You must comply with the Terms of Use and any applicable Additional Terms which are in operation at the time of access to the Website and at the time of use of Y.I Content.

You are solely responsible for paying any expenses you may incur when accessing the Website including fees to telephone, broadband and internet service providers.

When providing any Contribution to the Website and/or to Y.I Service, any user

  • must identify him/herself as requested by WordPress software on the Website.
  • must respect confidentiality, copyright, trade secrets and proprietary work of third
    parties and not disclose any confidential information of third parties on the Website. If the user references or includes their work in his/her Contribution on the Website, the user must ensure he/she has obtained the relevant approval in advance.
  • is not permitted to respond via a Contribution (incl. comment) to any obscene, defamatory or inappropriate comment, article or post already published on the Website. Instead the user shall notify the Provider using the contact details provided on the Website.
  • must confirm that comments he/she makes on the Website are own original work and any
    other work of third parties quoted or referenced there is given due credit.
  • must confirm that he/she has the consent of anyone who is identifiable in the user’s
    Contribution or the consent of their parent/guardian if they are under 16.
  • must adhere to the following ethical rules when submitting a Contribution, commenting on articles and posts on the Website:
  • must not make any Contribution, which is
  1. obscene
  2. libellous
  3. harassing
  4. threatening
  5. hateful
  6. abusive
  7. defamatory
  8. distressful to other persons
  9. inconvenient for any other persons
  10. embarrassing to any other persons
  11. insulting
  12. offensive
  13. infringing any intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties
  14. unlawful
  • must be respectful of others’ opinions;
  • must show proper consideration for others’ privacy;
  • shall seek and tell the truth.

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16/ General terms

In case any part of the Terms is determined to be invalid, illegal, or not unenforceable by a party like a court, then such part shall be deleted from the Terms of Use where necessary and the remaining parts of the Terms of Use will continue to be enforceable. The impacted parts may be replaced and updated by the Provider.

The Terms of Use do not create or infer any rights that are enforceable by any person who is not party to the Terms of Use.

The user may not assign, sub-license or otherwise transfer any of the user’s rights and obligations in the Terms of Use to any other person.

Any dispute arising from the Terms of Use will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and will be interpreted in accordance with those. Any proceedings in connection with the Terms of Use must be brought in the courts of England and Wales.