Knocking at the door – The New Year

Dear Reader,
Here we go, with a transition from a pretty exciting (or freakish) 2011 into a possibly no less exciting year 2012. If you think about how much stuff happened in 2011, from earthquakes to tsunamis, from nuclear reactors blowing up to political springs showing their blossoms, from crises of banks and governments to the austerity spreading across countries, then, well then it’s difficult to imagine how 2012 will be able to top this. Never be shy of showing some optimism. Isn’t it a reason why we watch the fireworks around the globe? Right so. Hope and optimism is what we all need.
Thank you for having been our visitor and thanks for good comments and emails.
We wish you a happy New Year. Make sure you have dreams; otherwise there is no chance that any can come true. All the best in this endeavour.

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