About the Beauty of Stock Markets: Solution to The Puzzle

On Jan 20, we commented on the graphical wonders of the stock market and posted two pictures for you to guess what they represent. Here is the solution.

The first picture looked like the output of an oscilloscope.

Solution: Suncor Corporation, USA. MACD, moving average convergence divergence indicator from Jan 2002 to Jan 2012. Technical analysts will be familiar with this indicator. The disturbance in the middle of the graph indicates the massive downturn caused by the financial crisis in 2007 – 09.

The second picture looked like a bunch of artfully painted sunrays.

Solution: Apple Inc, USA. Stock price chart from 2002 to 2012, put first through a Gaussian graphical filtering process and second through a Kaleidoscope filter. The many rays do represent Apple’s rising share price since 2002!

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